T’s & C’s


In booking your wedding stand it is understood that you agree to abide by the following:


  • All stands will be located within the exhibition hall (Location dependent on package) 
  • All stands will be accessible by guests 


  • A booking is only valid once a non refundable payment / deposit has been made against your stand. A booking made by the person or company listed on the booking form cannot be transferred to a 3rd party for any reason.


  • All deposits are non-refundable 
  • Completion of the full payment package is be made no later than 30 days prior to the exhibition date. 
  • Bookings made 30 days to live event, will need to be made in full
  • Failure to complete the full payment on time may result in a late payment fee induced, unless otherwise discussed.
  • Communication concerning payment dates and deadlines will need to be communicated by email to vendor@modernafricanweddingshow.com and will need to be agreed with by the Exhibition Account Manager (EAM)
  • If no communication is received from Exhibitor after 48 hours of lapsed payment deadline, your booking will be cancelled and our cancellation clause will come into effect 


  • Exhibitors are to follow the guidelines presented by the Exhibition Account Manager (EAM) as to when the information needs to be sent by and to whom. Delay in the submission of information, with no communication may result in a cancelation of Exhibitor stand. 
  • Any delays in meeting EAM deadlines must be communicated in email 48 hours before the deadline approaches providing the reason for the delay and a date as to when the information will definitely be delivered. The Exhibitor must then await an email from EAM to know what has been agreed. 
  • Footage, images or recordings that do not meet the standards for uploading, will not be permitted and your EAM will notify as to why it has been rejected. We advise that all exhibitors follow the guidelines, suggestions and promptings set to avoid this happening 


  • All exhibitors are to post flyers sent to them within timeframe stipulated, using the caption sent in the email. Captions can be edited to best fit the brand voice of the company however key information below cannot be removed
  • The introduction paragraph  
  • Date/time of exhibition 
  • Exhibitor Code for complimentary tickets 
  • Hashtags / mentions


As an Exhibition we agree to: 

  • Promote and market exhibition to direct target audience | Modern African Brides and Grooms 
  • Promote and market exhibitors – (through mediums outside of package selected will be at show discretion)
  • Be integral with our dealings 


As an exhibitor you agree to:

  • Keep within deadlines set for payment 
  • Keep within timeframes set for the submission of stand information 
  • To upload all information and data into assigned company folders / profile link and not to send information via unapproved platforms 
  • Provide quality footage, images and recordings that meet show standards  
  • Post all social media flyers as directed on page within set timeframes 
  • To respect all members of MAWS Staff 
  • Not to spread negative rumors about the show and other exhibitors 
  • Be a great community team player and keep the moral going between yourselves and other featured exhibitors by interacting with them online 
  • Be contactable during working hours and fluent with all forms of communication
  • Give full rights of content provided to MAWS to use for the marketing, promoting and showcasing of your stand 
  • Give full rights for MAWS social media team to use images from your various different platforms to promote and market you 
  • To look presentable at all times when infront of couples (Online or in person)
  • To set up and set down on time
  • During live elements of show, not promote the name or work of any other suppliers who are not featured exhibitors 
  • No to consume food or drink at stand


  • Only if you have taken out any of the following features below, will you be required to come live in person / online at the appointed agreed time. 
  • Live Q&A session  
  • 1 ON 1 Virtual consultations 
  • Live Interviews 
  • Live Vendor Panel 
  • Live workshop


  • Access for set-up will be sent to you prior to show. Stands must be fully dressed and operational thirty minutes before the show opens to visitors. 
  • Where space applied for and granted is not occupied by the Exhibitor by 30 minutes prior to commencement of the Show, then the Organisers reserve the right to reallocate or otherwise deal with this space as they so decide and no refunds will be given. 
  • All stands are to be kept presentable and clean throughout the exhibition


  • Dismantling may not commence before the advertised closing time of the event and must be cleared within 2 hours of the closing time. Exhibits must not be removed and displays must not be dismantled either partially or totally, before the closing time of the Show unless express permission is given by the Organisers. All exhibits and display material must be removed as soon as possible after this time. All Exhibitor products/materials/rubbish must be completely removed from the premises at the close of the exhibition. 
  • A charge will be made for disposal of any material or rubbish left and disqualification to exhibit with us again 


  • We encourage every exhibitor to be free to exhibit how they feel they can best represent their brand within the parameters of the show guidelines, however please be mindful that your setup cannot go beyond the dimensions of your designated space and you may be asked to remove or amend your setup by the exhibitor coordinator if required.


  • All exhibitors will be required to complete a short Exhibition Questionnaire 
  • Failure to do so can lead to cancelation as stand as this information is needed to be able to support you with your stand space and ensure it meets the requirements of exhibiting with us
  • Each exhibitor will be given 2 complimentary “Exhibitor passes” for those helping with stand


  • The Exhibitor must inform the Organiser of all of the products and services it intends to display so that these can be approved by the Organiser.
  • Only products or services listed and fully and accurately described in the Exhibitors Questionnaire may be displayed or included in the Exhibition.
  • Permission in writing must be obtained from the Organiser if the Exhibitor wishes to amend or display products not already on the Exhibitors Questionnaire – failure to do so will result in the removal of such products without refund.


  • You can place carpet down within the perimeters of your space
  • The space cost includes floor space and exhibitor passes for staff
  • The cost excludes electricity, furniture, car parking and insurance, and any other additional services as may be required by individual Exhibitors


  • Candles and other naked flames are strictly not permitted due to the danger of fire. Battery-powered fake candles are permitted as an alternative
  • Any demonstrations with hot items or surfaces that are hot, hot plates, cooking utensils, etc, must be adequately guarded at all times. Visitors must be physically unable to touch such items on any stand, and must be protected against spraying of any hot liquids/oils 


  • A detailed description of how products will be displayed and exactly how the space will look, must be returned to the organiser
  • Exhibitors are requested to ensure that all displays are of a professional standard, with no hand written posters, roller banners, or pull up banners


  • The only method by which carpets or other floor coverings may be fixed on the floor of the Exhibition Hall is by backing tape. All costs of removal of glue or unapproved backing tape shall be paid by the Exhibitor


  • Details of staff will need to be submitted on the Exhibitors Questionnaire form otherwise to avoid entry refusal on the day
  • Badges are strictly non-transferable. The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission of any individual in possession of an exhibitor badge, who is not directly involved with an exhibition stand
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that all persons employed or engaged to work on its stand present a clean and tidy appearance and maintain a polite demeanour at all times. MAWS staff may confiscate the pass of and exclude from the Exhibition any person not conducting themself in the required manner


  • We do not provide any electrical facilities unless requested on the exhibitor questionnaire. Exhibitors requiring electricity must supply their own extension leads; these and other electrical equipment used on the stand must have the appropriate PAT Certification and where applicable hazard taping must be provided to cover loose cables.


  • While every precaution is taken to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage to your stand etc. It is recommended therefore that you take out insurance to cover yourselves. 
  • Security services are provided throughout the exhibition and build-up period, but whilst every reasonable precaution is taken, exhibitors are advised to be watchful and take precautions regarding the safety of their property at all times
  • Each Exhibitor exhibits entirely at its own risk and responsibility and should be fully insured to cover theft and be covered for product liability
  • The Organiser disclaims responsibility for any loss or damage to property of any exhibitors from any cause whatsoever. However, it is essential for exhibitors to report immediately to the organiser any loss sustained. The organiser accepts no responsibility for exhibitors’ goods left at the exhibition hall at the end of the exhibition.
  • The Organiser accepts no responsibility for the failure of any exhibitor to arrange the required insurance cover
  • Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused to the fabric of the exhibition hall by their activities while participating in the exhibition.
  • All exhibits must be properly protected so as to avoid danger to any person or persons visiting or taking part in the Exhibition. The Organisers shall be indemnified by the Exhibitor against any claim or action on account of any inquiry or damage being caused, or occasioned by any exhibit to any persons whatsoever


  • Whilst participating in the exhibition, exhibitors must not conduct their business in a manner that could bring the reputation or integrity of the Show into disrepute. The organiser reserves the right to stop or remove any act, display item or person deemed to be inappropriate or to be detrimental to its interests.
  • The Exhibitor and all persons for whom it may be considered responsible in any way whatsoever, must conduct themselves in such a manner as shall not, in the view of the Organiser cause grievance, aggression, distress or disturbance to any other Exhibitor, any Visitor, the Organiser, and shall not create any disturbance, loud noise or obstruction or demonstration which is in the view of the Organiser unnecessary or unacceptable
  • Exhibitors should not discuss any exhibition details with any other Exhibitors or management of the venue.  All complaints should be raised with the Organisers.
  • The Exhibitor must conduct its business only from its Stand and must not, under any circumstances, canvas Visitors in the aisles
  • The Exhibitor may distribute advertising and printing materials from own stand but must not distribute such material in the neighbourhood of entrances or exits, nor in such a manner as to cause annoyance or disturbance to other Exhibitors
  • An Exhibitor committing a breach of any of the above provisions will be liable for all claims; loss and damage thereby caused and will and shall be removed from the Exhibition Hall and refused re-admission during the period of the Exhibition without refund.


  • Exhibitors must ensure that iPods, videos, televisions and any other sounds emanating from their stands are kept to a level that does not cause disturbance to other exhibitors or to performers. In case of dispute, the Organiser’s decision is final.


  • Any images of participants taken by the official Exhibition photographer remain the property of the Organiser, and the Organiser reserves the right to use any such images to promote future Exhibitions.


  • In the event of a cancellation request for whatever reason within 30 Days post sign up, all payments made are non refundable and any work completed that is greater than the deposit amount paid will become chargeable and will need to be paid within 90 Days  
  • Cancellations made after 30 Days post sign up will receive no refund and the exhibitor will need to pay the outstanding package cost within 90 Days from cancellation due to work already being undertaken by MAWS team and loss of stand space
  • If exhibitor / vendor is able to find a stand replacement in time, then all payment will be refunded 
  • Bookings made within 30 days to show, will receive no refund and full payment will become payable 


  • We will always welcome feedback from exhibitors and while we will always use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that your exhibitor experience with us is a positive one, we nevertheless want to hear from you, please send all emails vendor@modernafricanweddingshow.com 
  • As a MAWS exhibitor you agree to not post any negative information about MAWS or the Service arising from this Agreement on any online forum, website or to another vendor, without providing advance written notice of the content thereof and providing Us with an opportunity to resolve any issues amicably.
  • You agree not to defame or intentionally cause injury to Our reputation, either through oral or by written communication. Any breach by You of this Clause will be a breach of the Agreement on Your part. We will have a right to commence proceedings against You for any losses arising out of such breach or defamation. 


  • Once the Organiser receives the non refundable deposit, the Exhibitor shall be bound to take the stand allocated, to occupy it at all times when the Exhibition Hall is open to Visitors and to pay all Charges and otherwise comply with all the Exhibitor’s obligations. Cancellation or withdrawal by the Exhibitor is only permitted if effected by notice, in writing, via email. The following charges for cancellation are as follows shall be payable, as a cancellation fee, depending on the date of receipt of such cancellation notice:
  • Within 14 days of booking: 10% of stand price


  • More than two calendar months prior to the date of the exhibition: 50% of stand price
  • Less than two calendar months prior to the date of the exhibition: 100% of stand price
  • If any cancellation or withdrawal occurs within 30 days of the show Open Day or if the Exhibitor’s Stand is not completed by the deadline for Stand completion or the Exhibitor fails to occupy its Stand in accordance with terms and conditions, 100% of the Charges shall remain payable by the Exhibitor, and unless the Organiser is subsequently able to re-allocate or dispose of such Stand to another Exhibitor, all costs, expenses and other amounts reasonably incurred by the Organiser in seeking to find an alternative Exhibitor and carrying out any modifications necessary to the layout and making alternative arrangements for the Exhibition as a result of the said Stand being unoccupied, shall be immediately payable by the Exhibitor to the Organiser on demand.


  • Exhibitors are requested to ensure that all displays are of a professional standard, with no hand written or day-glo posters. Where stands are visible from all angles, exhibitors are to ensure that stands have professional coverage.


  • Force Majeure | If for any reason the event is cancelled for reasons out of our control, we will move your booking to our next suitable event, if we have another event. If you cannot make that date, no refunds will be given. 
  • If for any reason the event is cancelled by ourselves, we will move your booking to our next suitable event, if we have another event. If we don’t have another event planned, we will offer an alternative to the same value as your booking such as advertising or you will be given a full refund. 


  • Information is given by the Organiser in good faith and to the best of their knowledge at that point in time. Any subsequent changes cannot be taken as cause to cancel the booking, likewise no omission or error on the part of the Organiser can be held against them.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to alter the overall layout of the exhibition if necessary, which in turn may affect the location and dimensions of individual stands. In this event, the organiser will undertake as far as possible to ensure the overall objective is still met and does not constitute a violation of the contract 
  • The Organiser will act at all times in the best interests of the exhibition and in doing so may from time to time alter the details of these terms and conditions if required.
  • No representation by the Organiser regarding the anticipated levels of attendance by Visitor and other Exhibitors at the Exhibition shall form a part of the Contract and whilst every effort is made to promote the Exhibition and ensure it is a success for all concerned, no guarantees or warranties will be given.
  • The organiser has provided as much information as possible to the nature of the show, and will undertake to promote the show in a manner that the organisers consider appropriate,  it is our aim to ensure that every fair has as appropriate and varied range of exhibitors and couples, however we do not make any promises or guarantees as to the number of attendees or varied exhibitors