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Connect with Vendors

Meet hundreds of Wedding suppliers

Connect with over 100 vendors across different categories – Takes the initial stress of trying to call them all individually away!

A Little Of Our Story

Bring your Bridal Party

Schedule out an entire day with a few of your bridal party crew and head down to the UK’s No1 Wedding Show for African & Caribbean Couples. #VendorRelationshipGoals

Suited & Booted

For the Groom

Grooms, get all of your tailoring questions answered from our expert suit vendors plus much more!

Bride & Groom Inspired Fashion

Luxe Bridal Catwalk Shows

Discover your dream dress designer at our luxe bridal catwalk shows taking place through the day

MAWS Competitions

Win win win! There’ll be loads of competitions for you to win great prizes for your special day so keep your eyes peeled on those!

Workshops & MAWS Talks

Covering pretty much everything you need to know from choosing your venue, vendors etc down to the finer details of picking what wedding favours to give your guests!

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